Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Div.A Traveling Gavel has a new home !!!

The Division A Traveling Gavel was "captured" at the Division A contest last night by IBM Poughkeepsie Speechmakers Toastmasters club!

Picture at right...(l-r) club members John Thayer, Geoff Crew, Thomas Franklin, Ozgur Turkmen and Div.A Governor, Dave Wheeler.

In a very close contest, John, Geoff, Ozgur Turkman and Thomas were able to acquire "Alex", the Division A Traveling Gavel, for their club.
The "contest" for the gavel was based on the number of members in attendence from each club at the Division A Contest... and the first vote count resulted in a 3-way tie between IBM Poughkeepsie Speechmakers, Putnam Speaks and Catskill Toastmasters.
Bonus points were awarded to clubs for their selected suggestions for the "Quiet Minute" activities. Picture to the right shows Dave Wheeler reading off the selected / performed suggestions... but when all the bonus points were tallied, the score was still tied!

The tie-breaker was decided by the number of roles that were served by each club and IBM Poughkeepsie was able to edge Catskill Toastmasters in this category 4-2 to take home the gavel !

It was an exciting meeting and I'm sure the IBM Poughkeepsie club looks forward to having another club visit one of their meetings and "capture" the gavel from them !

And, as you can see in the picture here, they are a fun group of Toastmasters !

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