Thursday, April 03, 2008

Area A2 Contest results ....

On April 2nd, Area A2 had their Tall Tales and International Speech contests. The contest was hosted by Putnam Speaks at Guideposts in Carmel, NY with Steve Rock of BI Toastmasters filling the role of ContestMaster.

The winners of the contests were:

International speech winners:
1st Place:
Walter Beveridge, Putnam Speaks

1st Runner-Up:
Naveen Thalanki, BI Toastmasters

2nd Runner-Up:
Croix Sather, DiversityUSA

Tall Tales winners:
1st Place: Lisa Edwards, Putnam Speaks
1st Runner-Up: Gary McCourry, Putnam Speaks
2nd Runner-Up: Janice Brickwood, BI Toastmasters

* top picture... all attendees !
(notice all the smiles!)

* next picture... (l-r) Croix Sather, Naveen, Walter Beveridge, Steve Rock, Dave Wheeler, Lisa Edwards, Gary McCourry, Janice Brickwood

bottom picture: ContestMaster Steve Rock interviews Tall Tales contestant Gary McCourry.

* Higher resolution versions of these pictures are available by clicking the links below.

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