Thursday, July 27, 2006

Great examples from TED ...

I saw this post on Guy Kawasaki's blog (click here to read it) where he evaluates one of the speakers at the 2006 TED conference. He does a great job of evaluating and he also points out some great videos of excellent speakers at under the "TED Talks" section.

Check it out !

Contributed by Dave Wheeler, Division A Governor, 2006-7

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Check out "The Speaking Channel"...

I came across "The Speaking Channel" website in a post by Guy Kawasaki on his blog and thought it might be of interest to other Toastmasters.

Check out "The Speaking Channel" by clicking here.

The site includes speeches by famous speakers (Rudy, Bill, Arnold and more) along with an analysis of each of their speeches. This could be very helpful for anyone who is thinking about entering the Evaluation Contest this fall. (Club deadline for contest is Sept.)

Contributed by Dave Wheeler, Division A Governor, 2006-7


The District 53 mission phrase this year is "Lead with Vision". Division A Governor Dave Wheeler has posted the Toastmaster Training Institute flier (the second blog down) announcing the training day in Hartford August 5th. Come One! Come All! All TM members are welcome. Register early. Bring your club officers! Expand your Horizons!

Clubs with 5 new members registered by August 31st will receive the Smedley Award, a banner attachment of distinguishment. How about all 4 area clubs achieving this honor!!! (Using WOM may be the way- see prior blog from Dave). This is Club Challenge 3! We are moving along! Club Challenge 2 is having 5 officers trained before August 31st. TLI! Challenge 1, posting a timely report of Club Officers, has been met by all clubs. Go Team A4! Sailing into the Future!

At WestConn's meeting the Calley award was garnished by Paul Tanner for an excellent job as Toastmaster, running the meeting in an inspiring and proficient manner in this his first experience. Carmine Coco deYoung's prepared speech "Seize the Day" was voted best speech with excellent vocal variety, verbal acuity and wonderful message.

Seize the following Days!

November 3- Friday- District 53 50th Anniversary!!! Party- Holiday Inn Turf, Albany

November 4- Saturday- "Sail into the Future"- District 53 Annual Fall Conference
Speech Contests, Education, Hall of Fame, District Council
Holiday Inn Turf, Albany register early!

September- Fall Contests! Humerous and Evaluation- Club Contests by September 16!
Check the Calendar, Seize the Day, Sail into the Future!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Word of Mouth Basic Training -- Word of Mouth Marketing Association -- WOMMA

One way (and a very effective way) to market Toastmasters to prospective new members is through Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing.

The link below includes a list of 43 ideas from WOM Marketing experts and while most are stated in terms of business, I'm sure you will see some that could be used in Toastmasters!

Word of Mouth Basic Training -- Word of Mouth Marketing Association -- WOMMA

Link sent in by Dave Wheeler, Division A Governor, 2006-7

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Scheduled: District 53 Toastmasters Leadership Institute


District 53 Toastmasters Leadership Institute
When: Saturday, August 5, 2006
Registration: 8:00 AM Classes/Forums: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Where: Rensselaer at Hartford, 275 Windsor Street - Hartford, CT

Who Should Attend: Everybody!
Especially club officers since this can count toward "officer training requirements".

There is a wide range of excellent training courses provided this year - the NEW recognition programs and the NEW communication and leadership programs. For the Club Officers, we provide the essential training courses to help you understand the full responsibilities of your role and to get you started with effective methods and strategies. For the new member,
we offer courses that will put the entire Toastmasters program into perspective and allow you to get more out of the program. For the veteran Toastmaster, we offer several advanced electives (the TM 600 series) to extend your knowledge of public speaking and
effective leadership.

Got Questions? Need Registration Information?
Check the District 53 Web Page

Print you catalog and registration form:

Early registration is encouraged so that all club officers can get the classes that they need, receive handouts and reserve a lunch.

or Contact the TLI & Training Coordinator:
Arnie Grot, DTM <>
87 Chapman Dr, Glastonbury, CT 06033-2729
Phone: (860) 633-5849 (H)

or Contact the LGET
Will Ryan, DTM <>
297 East Rd, Alford MA 01266
Phone: (413) 528-0501

Please note that the District is absorbing 60% of the expenses for TLI by paying for the facilities and the handouts in order to encourage all club officers to attend by keeping your out of the pocket expenditure down. The District wants you and your club to succeed so that we all have a great year.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Welcome to the TM New Year!

July 1st began the Toastmasters New Year!

New officers, new goals, re-newed determination.
This year finds me the new Area 4 Governor under
Dave Wheeler's excellent leadership as the new
Division A Governor. I am really honored and excited
to visit you all in Area 4 over this coming year, connecting
with old friends and meeting the new. I look forward to seeing
the growth and enjoying the unique personality of each club.

Saturday will find me in Hartford at my first official function,
a training day. It will be fun to see what is before us.

At Cartus Magnus Tuesday, July 11, the Toastmaster
Gerald Strout gave their "Magnus Award" to Fran Hood
who very ably had given an inspirational Icebreaker
speech entitled "When Life Hands You Lemons..."
(complete with lemons and a lemon pie!).

Here's to the Year of the Distinguished Club!
See you soon!
Anne Swartout
Area A4 Governor

Table Topics ... as a product.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs recently ("Hello, my name is BLOG" by Scott Ginsberg) and he brought the following product to my attention:

Table Topics boxes are clear acrylic "ice cubes" that hold a stack of 138 conversation starters that will get your guests thinking and eager to talk.

They were created by Cristy Clarke who wanted to have genuine, compelling conversations at her cocktail parties. These colorful cubes let you snappily circulate the question at hand in the cube or pass cards out individually. Every box is peppered with questions ranging from the serious to the silly, for friends, families and teens.

They are offered by Uncommon Goods (click here to visit their site) and they look like they might be a good addition to a Toastmasters meeting !

Let me know what you think !

Dave Wheeler
Division A Governor
(guest blogger)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Video Talks at the TED conference ....

I have always wanted to attend TED conference and now we all have the opportunity to see a bit of what goes on there ...

Check out some of the speeches (click here).

I think you will be impressed. I particularly liked the talks by Sir Ken Robinson and Anthony Robbins.

Enjoy !

(P.S. If you are a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, be sure to watch the commercial at the end.)