Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Conference 2010...

The Early Bird Deadline is May 1st... so get your registration sent in (or register online at

Check out the video by the conference team...

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Did you renew your membership in Toastmasters for 6 months? Or a year?

Membership dues were due to Toastmasters International by April 1st for at least the coming 6 months (April thru September).
Did you renew for 6 or 12 months?

During every dues cycle members evaluate what they want to accomplish in Toastmasters versus the cost of the dues. Some clubs have to pay to rent their meeting spaces which can increase the club dues but I have never heard of a Toastmasters club that cost even half of the expensive two or three day seminars that seem to be popping up everywhere.

Toastmasters continues to be an incredible value...
... for those that believe in developing their skills. The members that do not renew are often the ones that either used to being spoon-fed their education or just are not committed enough to their own progress.

Life is not easy.
And it won't get any easier if you don't try new things. It can become more boring by doing less, but that won't get you any more than what you have ... and it will probably end up costing you what you have since nothing is standing still. The competition is always getting better and either you are improving or you are getting (relatively) worse.

You NEED Toastmasters.
Not just for the social interaction with supportive members a few times a month but for a chance to push outside your comfort zone on a regular basis. Toastmasters is one of very few places where you are encouraged to try new things, learn by doing and where failure is only when you don't try.

Make the Most of Your Membership !
Make a plan for the coming 3 months. Take a role or give a speech at every meeting. Complete your CC and your CL. Don't worry about doing things perfect... do the best you can in the time that is available and LEARN from the experience. Next time will be better.

Don't be an April Fool...
If there is going to be a "next time"... I hope you paid your membership dues !