Monday, April 24, 2006

Fwd: Double Digit New Member Growth

Congratulations to WestConn Toastmasters .... 11 new members

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From: Roger Brown <>
Date: Apr 24, 2006 12:56 AM
Subject: Double Digit New Member Growth

Based on the Mid-April 2006 Performance Report

The AVERAGE TOASTMASTER CLUB has added 6.5 NEW Members Since Jul 1, 2005

The following list Recognizes Clubs in District 53 that have
DOUBLE DIGIT GROWTH in NEW Members! Congratulations!

Please Tell Us. How Do You Do It?
What is Your Secret To Successful Growth?

D3 865 Greater Stamford 33 <--- WOW !!
C3 7135 Thames River 24
C6 3940 Valley-Shore 15
E3 5177 Blue Chip Toasters 14

A1 315 IBM Poughkeepsie Spmakers 13
B1 6613 One State Street Toast 13
B2 9617 CIGNA Lunchtime 13
D1 1628 Brass City 13
D4 8762 Cheshire 13

A2 7386 BI 12
B1 2532 Travelers Noontime 12
F1 542 Bethlehem 12
F2 6560 Lunchtime 12
F4 6983 North Atlantic 12

A3 9315 Orange County 11
A4 599 West-Conn 11
B4 3523 West Hartford 11
C5 5908 Aetna Middletown 11
D2 820 Yale 11
D5 9286 Unilever 11
F1 764383 NYISO 11
F2 1716 Saintly Speakers 11

A5 5614 Arlington Rotary Toast 10
B2 6601 Talcott View 10
B4 2908 Stag 10
C1 3176 Energy 10
C5 8340 Middlesex County 10
D1 8270 Torrington 10
D5 608696 Toastmasts at the Towers 10
F2 3863 Patroon 10
F4 7379 Thorobred 10

Friday, April 21, 2006

What goes into a good speech?

One of the blogs that I read on a regular basis (for business most) is "Creating Passionate Users" by Kathy Sierra and today she had an interesting post about "Cognitive seduction (a Typology of User Experience Pleasures)". In other words, "what turns on your brain?"

As I read this post, I began to realize that the items she listed could be applied to a Toastmasters speech as well since you want to connect to (and hopefully excite) the brains of your audience!

Kathy lists the following, "Typology of Cognitive Pleasures (in no particular order)
1. Discovery - User experience as exploration of new territory
2. Challenge - User experience as obstacles to overcome, goals lying just beyond current skill and knowledge levels
3. Narrative - User experience as story arc (user on hero's journey) and character identification
4. Self-expression - User experience as self-discovery and creativity
5. Social framework - User experience as an opportunity for interaction/fellowship with others
6. Cognitive Arousal - User experience as brain teaser
7. Thrill - User experience as risk-taking with a safety net
8. Sensation - User experience as sensory stimulation
9. Triumph - User experience as opportunity to kick ass
10. Flow - User experience as opportunity for complete concentration, extreme focus, lack of self-awareness
11. Accomplishment - User experience as opportunity for productivity and success
12. Fantasy - User experience as alternate reality
13. Learning - User experience as opportunity for growth and improvement

If you read through this list you will see lots of concepts that can improve the quality of your speeches... especially if it is a Tall Tale or a story.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know!

Speak UP!

Dave Wheeler

Thursday, April 20, 2006

International winners at the Division A Toastmasters Speech Contest hosted by WestConn Toastmasters, April 19th, 2006.

Photo session for contestants in the Division A Toastmasters Spring Contest on April 19th, 2006.

Tall Tales winners for Division A Speech Contest held at Wooster School Library on April 19th, 2006.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Upcoming Events ... Division A Contest and Speech Building Workshop

The Division A Spring Speech Contests will be held on Wed. April 19th at the Wooster School Library. These contests are hosted by WestConn Toastmasters and Contestants should arrive at 7pm with the contest meeting starting at 7:30pm.

Also, Socially Speaking Toastmasters is having a Speech Building Workshop on Wed. April 26th at 8pm. This free workshop is being offered to the general public (to help build membership) and other Toastmasters are welcome to attend. All attendees will leave with at least one speech "under their belts"! Contact Pete Lane at 860-350-2669 or via email at . Space is limited, so please sign up soon.

Speak UP!

Dave Wheeler

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Add some Humor Power to your speeches ...

I came across John Kinde's blog and thought it could be useful to Toastmasters looking to add some humor to their speeches !

Check it out !

Dave Wheeler
Area A4 Governor, 2005-6 (for only 2.5 more months)
Candidate for Division A Governor, 2006-7

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Area A4 Silent Auction Results !

The Silent Auction that was held at the Area A4 Spring Speech Contest was a HUGE SUCCESS !

I was hoping to raise at least $100 to purchase some Toastmasters materials that could be shared within the area and we ended up raising $390 dollars !

Thanks to everyone who donated items for the auction as well as the people who bid on them!

A Special Thanks to Kevin Wortman, who donated $150.00 to help out the effort !
The text of the note that he sent along with his donation speaks for itself:
You mentioned that you were looking to raise $100 for the Area. I
wanted to make this a little easier for you. It is a very small token for
the enormous benefit I've received from TM and its members. I would not be
as successful as I am today without TM. Please use these monies for the
Area and/or Club materials you need. I can't even begin to pay back
the benefits and advantages TM has provided me. I am happy to be able to
help your effort in any way that I can.
Best regards,

Stay tuned to this blog for a complete list of materials that we will be purchasing. (So far, Area A4 has an overhead projector, the complete "Better Speaker Series" and a number of the modules in the "Successful Club Series" and "Leadership Excellence Series".)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Area A4 Contest results !

Area A4 had our Spring contest on Wed., March 29th in conjunction with Area A2 and the results are as follows:

Area A4 - International Speech
1st place: Rob Ferrucci
1st runner-up: Croix Sather

Area A4 - Tall Tales
1st place: Croix Sather
1st runner-up: Elizabeth Smith

Area A2 - International
1st place: Walter Beveridge
1st runner-up: David Alexander

Area A2 - Tall Tales (contestants included: Dan Malinak, Phil Sarnak and Dan Legg).
I do not have the names of the winners in my notes and will rely on Rosanne D'Ausilio, Area A2 Governor, to provide them to the Division Governor.

Overall it was a great meeting and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves !

Hope to see y'all at the Division A contest at Wooster School on Wed. April 19th !

Dave Wheeler
Area A4 Governor, 2005-6

Club Officer Election Process ...


*** _Club Elections in May_ ***
Appoint a nominating committee NOW !

In May, all clubs must elect annual officers serving from July 1, 2006, through June 30, 2007, or semi-
annual officers serving from July 1, 2006, through December 31, 2006. Semiannual terms are an option
available only to clubs that meet weekly.
1) NOW ... Appoint a nominating committee (see club constitution).
The committee should be chaired by the immediate past president or most recent past president available.
Appoint your nominating committee NOW !

2) Last meeting in April: Nominating committee reports to the club.

3) First meeting in May: The nominating committee report is presented to the club. If the nominating committee
has no report at the last meeting in April, postpone the election until one week after the meeting at which
the report is given.

Call for nominations from the floor. Nominations and elections begin with the president and proceed in
descending order. Remember: A quorum (51 percent of active members) is needed to conduct business (including
electing officers). Proxies or absentee ballots are not allowed at the club level. Members must be active
and present to vote.

4) Tell International. Don’t forget to fill out a club and officer information form online immediately following your election so the
correct officers will receive every important mailing. Go to The link is in the
“Club Business” section on the home page. Or, your club may submit the club and officer information form by
mail or fax, instead.