Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Area A4 Silent Auction Results !

The Silent Auction that was held at the Area A4 Spring Speech Contest was a HUGE SUCCESS !

I was hoping to raise at least $100 to purchase some Toastmasters materials that could be shared within the area and we ended up raising $390 dollars !

Thanks to everyone who donated items for the auction as well as the people who bid on them!

A Special Thanks to Kevin Wortman, who donated $150.00 to help out the effort !
The text of the note that he sent along with his donation speaks for itself:
You mentioned that you were looking to raise $100 for the Area. I
wanted to make this a little easier for you. It is a very small token for
the enormous benefit I've received from TM and its members. I would not be
as successful as I am today without TM. Please use these monies for the
Area and/or Club materials you need. I can't even begin to pay back
the benefits and advantages TM has provided me. I am happy to be able to
help your effort in any way that I can.
Best regards,

Stay tuned to this blog for a complete list of materials that we will be purchasing. (So far, Area A4 has an overhead projector, the complete "Better Speaker Series" and a number of the modules in the "Successful Club Series" and "Leadership Excellence Series".)

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