Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Table Topics ... as a product.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs recently ("Hello, my name is BLOG" by Scott Ginsberg) and he brought the following product to my attention:

Table Topics boxes are clear acrylic "ice cubes" that hold a stack of 138 conversation starters that will get your guests thinking and eager to talk.

They were created by Cristy Clarke who wanted to have genuine, compelling conversations at her cocktail parties. These colorful cubes let you snappily circulate the question at hand in the cube or pass cards out individually. Every box is peppered with questions ranging from the serious to the silly, for friends, families and teens.

They are offered by Uncommon Goods (click here to visit their site) and they look like they might be a good addition to a Toastmasters meeting !

Let me know what you think !

Dave Wheeler
Division A Governor
(guest blogger)

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