Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Division A Contest Results

Text by: Janice Brickwood of BI Toastmasters
Photos taken by Andre White of BI Toastmasters & WestConn TM

submitted: Apr 23, 2008

Division A held their Tall Tales and International Speech Contests last night to determine who will represent the Division at the District 53 Conference on May 17th in Holyoke, MA.

The event was hosted by Contest Chair and Division Governor Dave "The Wheel" Wheeler and featured the top 5 speakers in both categories from throughout Division A.

The Tall Tales contest went first and entertained with stories about Woodstock, economics, gorillas, adventures and chickens. John Thayer from IBM Poughkeepsie Speechmakers took 3rd place with his tale of exploits in the mud at Woodstock 1994. Second place went to Lisa Edwards of Putnam Speaks for her adventures in the world atlas. A fine, feathered, fearless foul from WestConn took first place. Carmine Coco DeYoung spun a bird tale that was 'no yoke' and will represent Division A in the Tall Tale contest at the District Conference next month.

Next was the International Speech Contest. We were treated to 5 speeches on a wide range of topics that were dramatic, moving and thought provoking. Dan Daly from Poughkeepsie Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters took third with his speech "Students of Toastmasters, Students of Humanities", which highlighted how Toastmasters influenced his behavior during 9/11 and after.

Walter Beveridge from Putnam Speaks took second place with his speech, "Life isn't Fair" about how he treated his brothers killer.

In first place, from Socially Speaking, was Nana Danso with his moving and emotional speech, "Come Home". Nana will represent Division A for the International Speech contest at the District 53 Conference next month.

Congratulations to Nana Danso and Carmine Coco DeYoung!!!

Anyone who can make it out to Holyoke, Mass in May should go and cheer on our Division A representatives, Nana and Carmine.

The contest was great fun, as usual, but the new addition of quiet activities during the minute of silence was very entertaining!


Top: crowd at Div. A contest
Middle: (l-r) John Thayer, Lisa Edwards, Carmine Coco DeYoung
Bottom: (l-r) Walter Beveridge, Nana Danso, Dan Daly (this picture is small since it came out blurry).

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