Saturday, April 05, 2008

Starting to think about the next conference?

Have all the club and area contests got you thinking about the upcoming Spring Conference?

Barbara Neumann of the IBM Poughkeepsie Speechmakers club sent us some photos from the Fall '07 Conference (hosted by Division A) they are posted here to remind us of all the fun we had !

Thanks Barbara !!

Pictures (from top)...

Photo 1: Registration Chair Janice Parker at the registration table.

Photo 2: (l-r) Ozgur Turkmen (Area A3 Governor), Dave Wheeler (Div.A Governor), Janice Parker (Area A5 Governor & Registration Chair)

Photo 3: (l-r) Croix Sather (conference emcee aka "Mr.Energy"), Will Ryan (District 53 Governor), Susanna Opper

Photo 4: (below - right):
Kristin Nicholson giving her evening presentation on the main stage.

Photo 5 (below):

(l-r) Deanna Dunn, Patrick Meaney, Kristin Nicholson (Intl. Director), Barbara Neumann on stage in front of the "Dare to Believe" logo!

Higher resolution versions of these photos can be downloaded by clicking the "Photo #" (linked text) above.

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