Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The story of the Traveling Gavel

In a land that is not far, far away and in a time that was alot like "right now", there sprung forth an idea to bring together neighboring Toastmaster clubs and boost the FUN and inter-club connections in District 53.

This idea came to be known as "The Traveling Gavel" !

This is how Ute Brinkman tells the story (slightly edited for dramatic effect) ....

We received an email in early February. The idea of a traveling gavel came from district 31 (Boston and surroundings) via South Africa (District 74) to Region VII. It was named "George" after it's creator George Manoogian, area F6 governor in district 31.

[see picture to right]

We asked ourselves... Shall we join in? Should we make one gavel for the whole district? Or 6 gavels, one for each division? Who will make them? When and how should we release them?

It turned into a joint project for District 53's LGM (Karin von Kaenal) and PR Officer (Ute Brinkman).

[Ute is shown in the picture putting the finishing touches on the "Gavel-mobiles".]

And on Saturday, May 19, 2007 at the Leadership Summit in East Hartford we introduced 6 Traveling Gavels ... named Alex, Bo, Chris, Drew, Ennis and Francis for Div.A,B,C,D,E and F respectively ... to be placed in the home clubs of the current division governors.

Division A, B and D governors have their Traveling Gavels, the C gavel was taken by area C6 governor, the E and F Traveling Gavel still need to be mailed or handed out at the next district meeting in mid-June.

Division A's Traveling Gavel ("Alex") will be presented to WestConn Toastmasters, Club 599, on June 6th at their regular club meeting. WestConn Toastmasters meets on the first and third Wed. of every month at the Wooster School Library in Danbury, CT.

To complete the communication process, our District 53 web master is setting up a page on the district web site for the locations of the Traveling Gavels and Ute will ask John Osborne for an entry in the Yankee Activator.

Here is the web site draft by our webmaster:

The Objective:
  1. Encourage joint Toastmaster Club meetings
  2. Share talents and knowledge of communications and leadership.
  3. Extend the fellowship of Toastmasters.
The Plan:
  1. Three (or more) Toastmaster members, from the same club, visit the target Club who currently holds that Traveling Gavel. Please call ahead and announce your intent to visit.
  2. The visiting Toastmasters must participate in the target Club meeting in some way.
  3. The visiting Toastmasters "Capture" or take the Traveling Gavel at the end of the meeting; returning to display the captured Traveling Gavel at their next Toastmasters Club meeting.
  4. Once a Traveling Gavel is captured, the visiting Toastmasters must announce the new home for the Traveling Gavel. They must email the District 53 webmaster ( Email Webmaster to post. ) and declare the new location (Club Name, Area) so that other Toastmaster Clubs can plan to visit (raid) the Club and capture (take away) the coveted Traveling Gavel.

    Sample Email message:

    To: D53 Webmaster <webber53@district53toastmasters.org
    From: Member or Club Name

    The Gavel Banger Toastmasters of Area X1 have captured the "Gavel Name" Traveling Gavel on July 1, 2007.

    The following members visited the Gavel Ghost Toastmasters of Area Y1: John Q. DePrez, Clare Chatter, and Sargeant Bob Bailey.

    The Gavel Bangers meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at Oratory Library, 123 Main Street,

    Yourtown, State. Contact phone: 860-555-5353

    With pride,
    Martha D. Hostenklub, CC, CL
I sincerely hope we can encourage inter club visits by introducing Alex, Bo, Chris, Drew, Ennis and Francis, the 6 Traveling Gavels in District 53. It will be fun.


Ute Brinkmann, D2 TM
Toastmasters International District 53 PRO
"Lead With Vision" 2006 - 2007
District Communication Chair
"Dare to Believe" 2007-2008

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