Sunday, January 20, 2008

World Champion 2007 helps District 53 kick off 2008!

Did you miss the 2008 Kickoff event featuring Vikas Jhingran, the 2007 World Champion of Public Speaking?

Vikas had some excellent advice for all Toastmasters and especially anyone who has the opportunity to enter a contest!
- Be Yourself
- Make Your Weaknesses into your Strengths
- and much more.

Did you know that his district-winning speech did not win at the club level the first time? He competed at a second club (obviously improved his speech) and ended up winning the World Championship ! What could you accomplish if you focused on improving your speech and did not give up?

Overall, the kickoff event was a great afternoon / evening and everyone in attendence had a great time !

To Thank Vikas for sharing an afternoon / evening with District 53 Toastmasters, we have created the following "video" (including Nana Danso, D53 Intl. Speech Winner and 2nd Runner-up to Vikas at the 2007 Regional contest, Deb Grehn, former District Governor and the D53 Leadership team).

To see it, click here or copy and paste this url into your browser:

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