Friday, January 18, 2008

The Dare Guy... and Dare Kids too !

Many of you will recognize the person in silouette on the District 53 "Dare To Believe" logo ... affectionately known as "The Dare Guy".

He appeared on the backdrop for the stage at the Fall Conference back in November and is has been around all year ... helping inspire us to reach new levels in Toastmasters!

Now there is a new addition
to the "Dare" family...

"Dare to Believe" Youth !

(photo courtesy of another blog,

Why do we say that????

District 53 has a new Youth Leadership Coordinator ...

Doug Cloutier.

Doug was the education chair for the 2007 Spring conference and he is now tasked with reaching out to youths throughout our communities and spreading the lessons of Toastmasters!

You can contact Doug via email at

Please welcome Doug to his new role and let him know if you see any opportunities where Toastmasters could help young people "Dare To Believe"!

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