Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Regret Joining Toastmasters...????

A recent article at BusinessPundit.com titled, "My biggest regret of 2007: I wish I spent more time on Facebook", got me thinking....

Why do I spend my free time doing Toastmasters? Wouldn't I be happier if I just went home and watched TV every night instead of torturing myself with TableTopic questions or prepared speeches? Don't I regret missing a little sleep when I attend an evening Toastmasters meeting and get home after 11pm?

The BusinessPundit.com article answers his regret questions [about Facebook] this way...
I'm willing to bet that as you look back on 2007, there are some things you didn't achieve that you wanted to. I'm willing to bet that you aren't sitting around wishing you spent more time on Facebook. But I bet there are days that you sat down intending to spend 20 minutes and ended up wasting 2 hours on it, or on some other Web 2.0 site.

Human beings are suffering from a values gap between the short-term and long-term. We have long-term goals, but short-term attention spans. Sometimes we forget that getting a PhD, making a million dollars, competing in the Olympics,
running a marathon, mastering a hobby, or whatever it is that we want to achieve in life is basically accomplished by sacrificing lots of the short-term to reach our goals in the long-term.
If you want to increase your self confidence, improve your public speaking skills or challenge yourself in a position of leadership... it requires a long term commitment. It requires that you give up some "TV time" and perhaps some other short term sacrifices for the payoff over the rest of your life.

But, in the end, will you remember the reruns of "This Old House" you watched or will you remember the speech you gave in front of 150 people at the Spring Conference... or when you stepped into leadership and were elected Area or Division Governor.

My bet is that you already know the answer.
Make 2008 a GREAT year for personal growth ... Join Toastmasters!

And, if you are already a Toastmaster, ... Re-join Toastmasters!
Find a new level in your speaking or leadership skills and commit to a big goal. Challenge yourself this year and grow !

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