Thursday, January 24, 2008

Div.A Mid-Winter Training results (Session 1)

Below are some observations about the first Leadership Exchange we had for Div. A ....

We had the Div.A Mid-Winter Leadership Exchange Tuesday night and we also had one person from District 46 who joined us !

This session was set up as a "case study" exercise (with some time for networking thrown in). Socially Speaking Toastmasters were the featured club and, after I explained the format to everyone, we started out with a panel discussion to learn more about Socially Speaking TM's situation.

After the panel discussion (no questions from the audience), the attendees broke into two groups to discuss recommendations for Socially Speaking. The groups were good mixes of different clubs so there were a wide range of ideas and perspectives.

After the discussion, we came back together for follow-up questions from the two groups. After the questions, we took a break and went directly into a "presentation preparation" session so each group could finalize their recommendations to Socially Speaking.

The presentations were under 10 minutes each (actually they could probably have been under 7 minutes) and after that, I interviewed Socially Speaking officers to get their reaction to the presentations and to see if the recommendations matched what they expected (they didn't).

The whole evening was very positive and when I asked how many people would like to do this format again next year, nearly all hands went up !

It seems like it was a success ! (And Pat Wilson-Perkins did a great job getting the facility and providing refreshments.)

Of course the proof will be whether things change for Socially Speaking based on the recommendations. They have their regular meeting tonight so it will be interesting to see what they will do !

Next session is on Feb.4th at John Capen's church and we are still looking for a "featured club" !
Details & directions can be found on our blog,

Hope you can come !

Dave Wheeler
Div.A Governor, 2006-8
Candidate for Lt.Gov.Marketing, 2008-9

On Jan 24, 2008 Will Ryan wrote:

Thanks, Dave. I'm sorry the weather got in the way of my being with you. It sounds like the evening was a big success and I acknowledge you for taking risks in trying something new. Do you have a list of recommendations for Socially Speaking? If so, this might be very helpful for Club Rescue.


On Jan.24th, Dave Wheeler wrote...


Socially Speaking took copious notes from the presentations as well as the brainstorming sheets from each group's flipchart... but I do not have a list of recommendations. Part of the beauty of the exercise was that it was custom tailored to Socially Speaking and the recommendations might not necessarily apply to other club's situation.

In fact, some of the common answers that I expected, e.g. SpeechCraft or other events, did not even make it to the final presentations. Both presentations focused on the club having a clear mission and character / culture so that they could better identify where new (long term) members would come from !

It was very interesting and I hope you can make it to the next session on Feb.4th in Newburgh, NY to see it in person!

Talk with you soon,

Dave Wheeler

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Anonymous said...

It was a pleasant surprise to visit Socially Speaking 3 1/2 months after their club was the focus of the Mid Winter Training. They have added new members. They have a new vitality. They have a new perspective about their club and where they are going. Their President, Peter Lane, said that they had to change how they thought about themselves and their club and once they did that positie change happened for the club.

Congratulations Members of Socially Speaking Toastmasters! Keep up the good work!
Pat W-P
A-4 Area Gov