Monday, February 25, 2008

Toastmasters & Evaluations ....

One of the great parts of Toastmasters is the feedback you get on your speeches. Another is the encouraging atmosphere that makes it easy to try out and develop new skills.
As A.L.Williams once said, "Before you can be great, you have to be good. Before you can be good, you have to be bad. Before you can be bad, you have to try." It all begins with getting up there and trying and not being perfect and learning from the experience.

The cartoon to the right is an excerpt from the full Dilbert cartoon (click here)... and I thought it captured the spirit of helpful evaluations & suggestions that you get at Toastmasters. (The only part that is missing are the "motion marks" around Dogbert's tail to show that he is happy to give advice!)
On a more serious note... there have been some great posts at a blog called "Six Minutes"...

  • The Basic Sandwich Technique for Evaluations
  • Weaknesses of the Basic Sandwich Technique
  • A Modified Sandwich Technique
  • The Whitewash Evaluation
  • The False Praise Evaluation
  • The All-Criticism Evaluation
  • The Narrow Evaluation
  • The Layered Evaluation

  • Speech Evaluation Form
  • Why this speech evaluation tool may work for you…
  • An alternate speech evaluation template…
  • Critiquing a Speech: Advice from the Blogosphere and Beyond
  • How a Toastmasters Evaluation Contest Works
  • Why You Should Attend a Toastmasters Evaluation Contest
  • Why You Should be a Toastmasters Evaluation Contest Test Speaker
  • Why You Should Compete in a Toastmasters Evaluation Contest
  • How to Win a Toastmasters Evaluation Contest

Evaluations are an important part of the "Toastmasters experience" and the better each of us is at giving evaluation, the better evaluations we can give and more everyone will learn about public speaking !
Note: The Fall 2008 Contests in District 53 are Evaluations and Humorous ... so it is not too early to start developing your evaluation skills!

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