Sunday, February 10, 2008

What is it like for a First Time Toastmasters Guest?

Wayne Botha, District 53 - Area B2 Governor, wrote an interesting blog post about the experience of a First Time visitor to a Toastmasters meeting. Click here to find out how a visitor is similar to the view of a hunter in tall grass.... and how that relates to the picture to the right (courtesy of Wikipedia).

When was the last time you remembered what if felt like to be a first time guest? How overwhelming it can seem... everyone seems to know what is supposed to happen at the meeting and everyone knows everyone else, but you.

If we don't make a real effort to 1) make the guest feel welcome (by using the interpersonal communication skills we developed at Toastmasters) and 2) explain the organization of the meeting and terms we use such as TableTopicsMaster or CC or DCP. A guest might think..."What the heck is that???" and if he or she does not have someone that they feel comfortable asking about it... they might not come back or join.

Toastmasters has so much to offer... don't let your guests down by not giving them the information and support they need to take the first step !

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