Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Division F contest results !!

The Division F Tall Tales and International Speech Contests were held on April 24th at GE Global Research Center, Steinmetz Hall, in Niskayuna, NY. The facilities were excellent... the speeches were given in a lecture hall with sloped seating and great acoustics. In addition, there was pizza and soda provided ... very good pizza, I should point out!

Regarding pictures of the winners (or my lack thereof) .... I did bring my digital camera, but due to the security at the GE Research Center ... and the big signs saying that pictures and cameras are not allowed... I decide that I did not want to risk bringing it into the contest.

The winners of the contests were as follows...
Tall Tales Speech Contest Results
1st place – Don Countermine, Clifton Park Speakers Club #7877
2nd place - Christina van Hoesen, Bethlehem Club #542

International Speech Contest Results
1st place - Neal Benoit, Patroon Club #3863
2nd place - Yun Li, Mohawk Club #1931

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