Monday, April 30, 2007

Div.A Toastmasters Club Size Distribution

Club Size or number of paid members is often an indicator of the health and long term viability of a Toastmaster club. Check below to see how your club is doing !

If you have any questions, please contact your Area Governor or Dave Wheeler, Div.A Governor, at

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From: Roger Brown, District webmaster & Past District Governor
Date: Apr 30, 2007 10:58 AM
Subject: Toastmasters Club Size Distribution

Div. A Club Sizes as of April 27, 2007
The number of members given below represent
Current Dues Period Renewals Plus New Members

Average Club Size in District 53 = 16 members

Clubs BELOW Charter Strength shown in Red

Area A2 7386 BI 38
Area A4 875053 Cartus Magnus 38
Area A1 315 IBM Poughkeepsie Spe 31
Area A4 599 West-Conn TMs 25
Area A4 1701 Barnum Square 24
Area A1 9977 IBM East Fishkill Sp 22
Area A5 790849 The Bureaucrats 20
Area A1 4396 Poughkeepsie Area Ch 18
Area A2 4839 Putnam Speaks 18
Area A2 9685 Wooster Heights TMs 15
Area A3 9542 Catskill TMs 15
Area A5 5614 Arlington Rotary 11
Area A5 2623 Rhinebeck TMs 9
Area A4 4720 Socially Speaking 8
Area A3 4507 Henry Hudson 6
Area A3 9315 Orange County 6
Area A2 3401 Diversity USA TMs 5
Area A5 9107 Marist TMs 0

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