Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fwd: PLAN AHEAD: Toastmaster Club Elections in May

From: Will Ryan, Lt. Gov. Education and Training
Date: Mar 30, 2007 1:48 PM
Subject: RE: PLAN AHEAD: Toastmaster Club Elections in May

Hi all,
One more thing to discuss with our clubs is the need to hold elections on time since our TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute - club officer training) events will begin in June rather than in August in prior years. Plans for this year include:
- Events in three locations to accommodate attendance with less travel.
- Events in June to not conflict with personal vacations.
- Events are no charge since we will serve a continental breakfast, courtesy of the district.
- Events will begin at 9 AM and end at 1 PM.
Details will be posted on the D53 site in April.

From: Roger Brown [mailto:rogerbrown@mac.com]
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 9:16 AM
Plan Ahead:
Appoint a Nominating Committee NOW !
Hold Club Elections in May

In May, all clubs must elect annual officers serving from July 1, 2007, through June 30, 2008, or semiannual officers serving from July 1, 2007, through December 31, 2007. Semiannual terms are an option available only to clubs that meet weekly.

Download your copy of the club constitution http://www.toastmasters.org/pdfs/210c.pdf

The Club President appoints a Club nominating committee at least 2 weeks (two regular Club meetings) prior to elections. The committee should be chaired by the immediate past president or most recent past president available. Appoint a Nominating Committee NOW !

Last meeting in April:
The Nominating Committee shall present its report - a slate of officers to fill the seven Club Officer roles; and shall present only the names of active individual members who have consented to serve if elected.
If the nominating committee has no report at the last meeting in April, postpone the officer elections until one week (one regular Club meeting) after the meeting at which the nominating committee report is given.

The Nominating committee report is presented at the regular business meeting immediately preceding the business meeting at which the election is to take place. Notice shall be given to the membership: the meeting minutes, including the report of the nominating committee, shall be delivered to all members of the Club prior to the election.

First meeting in May:
The nominating committee report is presented to the club and the slate of officer candidates are placed in nomination. Then the Chair calls for any nominations from the floor. Nominations and elections begin with the president and proceed in descending order. Remember: A quorum (51 percent of all active members) is needed to conduct business. Proxies or absentee ballots are not allowed at the club level. Members must be active and present to vote.

Very Important...
Dont forget to fill out a club and officer information form online immediately following your election so the correct officers will receive every important mailing. Go to TI WHQ web site http://www.toastmasters.org/ and use the link in the Club Business section on the TI home page (or go direct to https://ecommerce.toastmasters.org/timssnet/). As always, your club may submit the club and officer information form by mail or fax.

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