Friday, January 27, 2006

Online Speech Timers ...

I found this online speech timer which could be useful when you are practicing your speeches...

Unfortunately it does not capture your times so that you can see how far off your target you are. It also does not have many choices in terms of the different speech lengths.... but it is FREE (so I should stop complaining!)

As Rich Couture would say (our past District 53 Governor), "but wait there's more..."
I did another search and came up with this online time ....

Again, it does not capture your times, but it does have more options for speech length ....

But wait there's more....

I searched deeper ... and the timer below lets you set the time and it keeps your time showing when you stop !

But wait there's even MORE !

At the following link there are a couple of timer PROGRAMS that you can download.

Speech Timer 2 is very simple and you can set the timing lights for any speech length. It also holds your ending time until you reset or start over. I was not too thrilled with the color of the yellow "light" (it looked more like orange to me), but I'm probably getting too picky at this point.

Speech Timer 3 is pretty good and it even has a "meeting" mode which will produce a Timer's report! The downside is that you have to register to download it and if you don't get the free registration code, you can only use the software for 10 times.

Which one is the best???? You decide! (I also found a timer that works on my PDA... tune in to this blog in the future to see how it works out.)

Speak UP!

Dave Wheeler

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