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HPL project ... Step 2 = Objective / Vision / Mission / Values

Step 2 of the High Performance Leadership (HPL) Project is:
Define your Objective / Vision / Mission / Values .... and give a speech on them.

For this step, I found it more helpful to jump around and build up to the Vision.

My first ideas for an Objective included the following:
- A new, advanced Toastmasters club (actually an idea offered by Edina Sobeleski of Barnum Square Toastmasters and former Area A4 governor)
- blog for Area A4 (probably not a "big" enough challenge)
- Council of area A4 leaders to assist in "cross-pollination" within area to leverage strengths between clubs while offsetting any weaknesses.
(this process is P.14 in the HPL manual for those of you following along at home)

Before I decide on a project, I think it is important to make sure that we have shared values, especially when it comes to Toastmasters. Here are some Values that I think are important for Toastmasters Clubs. Let me know if these "values" make sense to you !!!

To me, the most important part of a successful Toastmaster club is exciting, enthusiastic and interesting meetings. When the excitement, enthusiasm and variety / interesting content goes down at club meetings, guests do not become members, members don't renew and Toastmasters stops.

The way to a healthy Toastmasters club starts with good meetings ....

a) Better speakers leads to better meetings

b) Better meetings means more ethusiasm

c) More enthusiasm leads to more participation
(by both current members and guests who become new members)

d) Participation means more speakers, more leadership development and
more learning

e) Learning leads to better speakers ....

and the cycle reinforces itself (back up to step a.)

Within this cycle, there is plenty of room for everyone's own personal style and creativity, but this is the general way that I've seen healthy clubs survive and thrive. What do you think? Leave me a comment below.

Based on these values, I have decided on Idea # 3 as my Objective !
Council of area A4 leaders to assist in "cross-pollination" within area to
leverage strengths between clubs while offsetting any weaknesses.

With this objective, I developed some ideas that would fit into my Vision of what this council of leaders would look like and what value it would provide. (P.24 of HPL manual)

  • Group of club leaders and skilled speakers
  • great examples to other TM
  • Opportunities for advanced speakers to speak in new venues
  • Oppty for TM's to meet TM in other clubs
  • Opptys for TM's to share their enthusiasm
  • Faster achievement of awards (especially advanced awards)
  • Better learning experience (especially for clubs that struggle for members)
  • Take the excitement of the Area Contest and spread it out to all clubs, throughout the year.
  • More DTM's in Area A4 (now only ....1?)
  • A council would also help in the recruiting the next Area Governor
    Top 10 reasons to be the next area A4 Governor are...
    1) there will be a "system" in place that would make the transition easier
    2) team A4 already established and a blog setup and running
    3) coach / mentor available (DW)
    4) great support / training from District
    5) meet new people, try new things
    6) one step closer to AL award (holding a district office is part of the AL award)
    7) get to run the area contests
    8) Impressive title (if you can find anyone who is impressed by that sort of thing)
    9) Learn more about Toastmasters
    10) STRETCH beyond your comfort zone .... with lots of support and
    encouragement along the way !

This vision helped me come up with ideas for the Mission of my HPL . . .
(P. 25 in the HPL manual)
The Establishment of an Area A4 Leadership & Advanced Speaker Council
- Perpetual --> membership from club officers (current and past) and advanced TM.
- Adds Value to clubs in area
- Helps make club meetings more interesting and exciting !!
- Gives more speaking opportunities
- Faster Awards
- Meet New People
- Improve all clubs by spreading the strengths and offsetting the weaknesses of all the clubs in the area.

Based on this, the [draft] Mission of my HPL is ...
Our mission is to establish an ongoing, perpetual Area A4 Council made up of club officers and advanced speakers / leaders. This council, in conjunction with the area governor, will arrange cross-club speaking opportunities, events, workshops and other activities that will leverage the leadership and speaking strengths within the area.

This will be the draft mission until I review it with my Guidance Committee on Wed. 1/4/06. Check back here for future entries on what they say !

Speak UP!

Dave Wheeler
Area Governor, 2005-6

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