Thursday, January 26, 2006

Area A4 Leadership Library .... starting now !

The following was sent as an email to the Club Presidents & VP-Education in Area A4 on Wed. Jan.25th:

Greeting Club Presidents & VP's,

As some of you may have heard, I've been promoting the Competent Leader (CL) award this Spring as one of the easiest and fastest awards that you can get in Toastmasters.

Getting CL's within your club will also help improve the quality of your club, but let's get back to the fun part.... getting the award!

In a nutshell, if
1) you are a club officer,
2) you went to officer training (I know everyone did at least once) and
3) you participate in your club's Distinguished Club Plan (I can help if you haven't done this's easy), ...

Then all you need to do is give two CL module speeches to your club!
That's it. How easy is that?

To support the "Push for CL's" in Area A4, I am starting the "Area A4 Leadership Library" of CL modules. I already have about 4 or 5 modules that I will be donating so that club officers in Area A4 can borrow them. (see the complete list of modules below this email)

I've also copied this email to a number of experienced Toastmasters (in the area and at the district level) to see if they have any OLD modules that they completed and might want to donate to the cause! If anyone in your club would like to donate a module, it would be appreciated as well!

Please let me know what you think about this idea and feel free to forward this email to other officers in your club.

Once I have gathered some more modules, I will post the list of available modules on the Area A4 blog website,, so it can be accessed at any time.

Hope to hear from you soon !

Dave Wheeler
Area A4 Governor, 2005-6
(I finished my CL just last month. It was easy!)

The modules for the CL award include:

Moments of Truth
Finding New Members for Your Club
Evaluate to Motivate
Closing The Sale
Creating the Best Club Climate
Meeting Roles and Responsibilities
Keeping the Commitment
Going Beyond Our Club
How to Be A Distinguished Club

Building a Team
Delegate to Empower
Developing a Mission
Giving Effective Feedback
Goal Setting and Planning
Motivating People
Resolving Conflict
Service and Leadership
The Leader as a Coach
The Visionary Leader
Values and Leadership

P.S. If you can't wait, you can always buy the modules at (most are less than $5).

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