Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dave's AreaA4 High Performance Leadership (HPL) Project

As I outline in a post back on Dec.14, 2005, the HPL project is part of the Advanced Leader award and is broken out into the following 5 Easy(?) Steps....
1) Learn about Leadership & choose your Guidance Committee*
2) Choose an objective, define your vision/mission/values and give a speech on them*
3) Recruit your team and make a plan for the project*
4) Work the plan and overcome obstacles*
5) Give a speech to present your results*
* You meet with your guidance committee at each stage to assess how the project is going and what you are learning.

Step 1 ....
Learn About Leadership.... done. This process was started at the first training session that District 53 had for the new officers back in June(?) of 2005. Ute Brinkman gave us a good push down the HPL road at that meeting and the district provided the manuals too! (One of the fringe benefits of becoming an Area Governor in case anyone is interested for 2006-7).

Guidance Committee ... almost done.
Since I am going to be giving my speeches to WestConn Toastmasters, I am going to ask a number of members there to be on my Guidance Committee. I have already gotten commitment from one of WestConn's past presidents, Lee Steuber, and I will be asking others this week.

As you will see, the project will involve all the clubs in the area and I will be looking for input (and guidance) from all the club officers but I figured that having all of the guidance committee in one spot on a regular basis will make it easier to schedule meetings.

Check back to this blog to see how things progress on Step 2 !

Area A4 Governor, 2005-6

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