Saturday, March 29, 2008

Toastmasters: The Renewals are Coming! The Renewals are Coming!

From: Steve Gondek
Subject: Toastmasters: The Renewals are Coming! The Renewals are Coming!

It has been 232 years and 336 days since Paul Revere took his historic ride.
(Can you believe that I actually looked this up online just for this
e-mail?) Why was the Revolutionary War so successful?
One reason, I believe, is that Paul Revere gave the American settlers a head start. As leaders within Toastmasters, you also have the opportunity to create similar success by giving your respective clubs a head start on paying their renewals.

How can you help your clubs succeed? By alerting them that The Renewals are Coming, The Renewals are Coming!

Motivation an issue for your clubs? Let's try this:

First Area to complete all their clubs dues gets a $50 gift certificate for
their Area!
First Division to complete their clubs dues will have all members of the
division put in a drawing for one free ticket to the Spring Conference*!

Of course, recognition during the Spring Conference* will be a given, for
those of you who like to "rub it in!"

So...Get galloping and notify your Area Governors to contact all of their
respective clubs to get their Renewals ball rolling and remember, when all
else fails, get at least get 6 members renewed and it still counts, not to
mention you'll still receive credit towards DCP Points!!!

As always, please let me know if anyone needs help.

Steve Gondek
Dues Coordinator
District 53

*The District 53 Spring Conference will be held on Saturday, May 17th in
Holyoke, MA.
The Conference committee has selected the following theme:
Pioneer Leadership Spirit ~ Explore New Possibilities.
The objectives of the District Conference are to expand on the Toastmaster speaker and leader as a Pioneer; e.g. finding methods to help members further their public speaking abilities and pioneering new public speaking technologies in our business and entertaining presentations.

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