Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Looking for the right word? And fun?

Many of us have a thesaurus built into our word processing software and maybe we even use it occasionally to find "just the right word" so why would someone build a site based on a visual representation of a thesaurus?

I don't know ... but I'm glad they did! Check out and see what I mean. You can input words and the relationship with other related words is presented to you in a "Spiderweb" format.

But where is the fun in that? (I knew you would ask that!)

Once you have your spiderweb diagram... you can move it around, pull it stretch it and generally play with it like an on-screen slinky ! You can zoom in or out (I was able to do this with the scroll wheel on my mouse... not sure how you would do it if you don't have that).

In addition to the "Slinky effect", the key below the picture gives you more information about what all the different colors and shapes mean. There is alot of information in each diagram and the "random" button gives you a chance to learn some new words (or at least understand them better).

Next... try double-clicking on one of the other words in the web. I've found that not all of the words can be expanded into a new sub-web, but many can ... which grows your choice of words for your next speech !

Now there is no reason to just "tell" your audience when you could "impart" or "disclose" or "indicate" or "you-get-the-point"!

Try it out ! click here

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