Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fall Conference FLYER FISH !

The Fall 2007 Leadership Summit / Conference will be held in FISHKILL, NY on Sat. Nov.3rd (click here for the D53 conference page)

.... and to help remind people where it will be held, we have created ....


They are a combination of a traditional "Toastmasters conference flyer" (on the inside) and an origami fish (on the visible side). You can download PDF files of the pages and create your very own FLYER FISH by clicking on the links below....

Fish (side one)

For the best effect, print out the PDF files in full color, two-sided, with different images on each side (the flyer is IN the fish)!

PRIZE NOTICE: Want to win a prize?
Send in your digital pictures of how you created "The best promotion using the "FISH FLYERs" at an Area or Division Contest (or within your club or workplace)" and you could win a "Fish-themed" prize to be awarded at the Fall Conference ... (The prize will probably a book, but we are working on other ideas too).
Send digital pictures of your entries to

P.S. Don't "Kill your Fish"... I heard that the "kill" in Fishkill comes from the Dutch word for "small running brook" so Fishkill is a river with fish (a good thing). I also found out that "the Dutch word for skimming stones is plimpplamppletteren"... now I just have to figure out a way to work it into a speech!

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