Sunday, September 09, 2007

Connections around the world....

The world is becoming more and more interconnected through the internet. Your ideas can spread across the globe in a matter of minutes and your suggestions have the power to help people in every corner or the world.

For example, I found "a short guide to effective public speaking" on a blog by someone in India. This post has lots of ideas ranging from basic to subtle to more advanced. The writer also has a number of good quotes mixed into his article such as...
... I might end a speech on becoming a better speaker with “As Cicero said
centuries ago, 'The skill to do comes with the doing.'”A more modern guide to
effective public speaking was penned by some unknown sage: "Know your stuff.
Know whom you are stuffing. Know when they are stuffed."

It always surprises me how common the English language is in countries outside of the USA. Each time I travel to new places I find that it is becoming easier and easier to find people who communicate in English and this is also reflected in the content of the internet.

This "common language" exposes people to new and different points of view and while you may not agree with everything, it stretches your mind. And, to paraphrase Oliver Wendall Holmes, "a mind that is stretched by a new concept or experience can never return to its original size". The world is becoming smaller and more intimate. Your next new friend could be next door or across the globe.

We live in interesting times !

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