Monday, July 09, 2007

Some Rambling Thoughts on TM Growth

From: Roger Brown, D53 Webmaster and Past District Governor
Subject: Rambling Thoughts on TM Growth

What does it take to "grow" a District? or a Club?
Our District leadership team is asked each year to "grow" the District.
One measure of growth in a District is the steady increase in the number of paid-up Toastmaster Clubs on July 1st. The critical success factors of a Distinguished District ask for 3% growth in number of Clubs.

Another measure of growth in a District is the steady increase in the total number of Toastmaster members within the District on July 1st. WHQ measures Membership growth indirectly by looking at the number of dues payments members make during the district calendar year i.e. total per capita payments. The critical success factors of a Distinguished District ask for 2% growth in total per capita payments.
On the Club level, the Club leadership team is asked to "grow" their Club, which often means attract and add more members to the Club roster. The Club is challenged to add 4 members and then 4 more new members in one year's time; i.e. goals for the Distinguished Club program and Distinguished recognition.
A different facet of growth is measured in the "growth" of the individual member. That is, we (District, Division, Area, and Club) are providing (putting into practice) quality educational programs that allow the members to grow and meet their personal goals. In this case growth would be measured by the number of manual completions, i.e. the number of CCs, ACBs, ACSs, ACGs, CLs, ALBs, ALSs and DTMs.
Any significant measurable growth during your year as an elected District leader will take some leadership skills, a team effort and some luck.
Leadership Skills
* pay attention to the calendar. Follow time management principles.
* people are different. Ask questions and listen.
* Follow-up. Share your enthusiasm. Find ways to remove stumbling blocks or other impediments.
* Keep your eyes and ears open for talented Toastmasters with special talents.
* obtain your own personal mentor or coach; share ideas with a past district governor. Touch base with your International Directors.
* open all channels of communication; phone, email and personal handwritten notes. Keep in touch with your entire team.
* set the vision, growth has its benefits for all, share your values, your goals, and vision of the future.

Team Effort
* You can't do it alone. It is ineffective to try to do it all.
* Delegate authority and followup responsibly.
* Split big problems/tasks into smaller tasks.
* Every District leader, every Area/Division Governor, LGM and LGET can have an impact on growth in the district.
* Get many Toastmasters involved. Delegate some authority, allow your fellow leaders to be creative as long as they share common goals and visions for the future.

* Be prepared. Have demo teams ready to go. Walk the talk.
* Be prepared. Open your eyes and ears - opportunities will present themselves. Grab it!
* Always share your enthusiasm.

your thoughts?

Roger H Brown

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