Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Introducing Toastie... The Automated Club Coach

I was visiting the District 31 website and I noticed a link they had to "Toastie... The Automated Club Coach" (see picture here from their web page). It seems to be hosted by FreeToastHost.org so I'm not sure who actually developed it... but I like the idea !

"Toastie" asks a series of questions and then generates a report that gives ideas that club officers and members can use to improve the strength of their club.

Hi. My name is Toastie. I have developed matrices based on formulations of algorithms dealing with the most successful Toastmasters’ clubs in the known universe.

Whether you are the president of your club, other officer, or a member, take this short survey and I will instantly give you detailed suggested corrective advice on how you can make your club stronger.

This survey is adapted from the "How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club", Appendix A.

Check it out ... click here !

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