Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Idea for an International Speech?????

I read this post (copied below) by Seth Godin and thought it would make a good "kernel" of an idea that could be developed into speech for the International Contest.


If you could do tomorrow over again, would you?

Most of us live programmed lives. Tomorrow is set, finished, done, and you haven't even started it yet.

And we accept that as part of the deal in setting goals and reaching them.

But what about the tomorrow thirty days from now? Or a year?

If you could do those over, would you? How?

It is not a big post, but it is an interesting idea ....

On a related topic.... has your club and area planned the date for your Spring Speech Contest? How many people are working on their Tall Tales and International speeches? Do you have a manual that you are going to target for the speeches so you get credit towards your next award?

Happy Contests !

Dave Wheeler

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