Friday, January 19, 2007

Added Bonus for Talk Up Toastmasters!

From: Roger Brown
Subject: Talk Up Toastmasters!
Talk Up Toastmasters! - Add 5 New Members in February / March

Do Toastmasters Like to Talk?

During the Talk Up Toastmasters! membership contest, encourage your club members to invite as many guests as possible to your regular club meetings. Consider conducting a special guest meeting or open house. That is, conduct a regular meeting, but also specifically discuss the benefits Toastmasters members receive as they participate in the program.

Add five new, dual or reinstated Toastmaster members to your roster between February 1 and March 31, to receive a special Talk Up Toastmasters! ribbon to display on your clubs banner.
The club will also earn a choice of one module from The Better Speaker Series, The Successful Club Series or The Leadership Excellence Series.

Membership applications and payment for members who join between February 1 - March 31, must be received at World Headquarters or online no later than March 31. Each members join date as listed on the application must be no later than March. Transfer
and charter members do not count for credit. There is no need to apply for this award. Your club is automatically entered when the first new member application is received in February.

Better Speaker Series

The Successful Club Series

The Leadership Excellence Series

In February and March 2006, seven Clubs in District 53 (only 5% of the District) earned a
Talk up Toastmasters! r
ibbon. Can we do better in 2007 ?

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