Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Socially Speaking - upcoming activities !

Below are my notes from the Socially Speaking meeting on Wed. Feb.22nd including all the ideas we had for the "Communications Workshop" meeting. I think this meeting will be a good test of our ability to promote Socially Speaking and it won't be as difficult to organize as a full multi-session Speechcraft. (Plus we already assigned all the key roles!)

Let me know if I missed anything ....

Everyone is invited !! We have plenty of room !

March 22 - Socially Speaking meeting
Theme: All Things Green (since it is near St.Patrick's day)
Other business:
- Review printed Flyers for Communications Workshop (4/26)
- DW to send around electronic version prior to this meeting for everyone's review and ideas.
- Assign someone to send emails to former guests and past members to let them know about the Workshop meeting
- Followup on cable TV and newspaper contacts

March 29 - Area Contests (hosted by WestConn TM)

April 5 - WestConn TM meeting

April 12 - Socially Speaking TM meeting
Theme: "About Our Club...The history of Socially Speaking Toastmasters"
[This should give us lots of great material for the web site as well as help us better define the mission of the club for the future ... based on the great things that Socially Speaking has done in the past and can do again!)

April 19 - Division A Contests (Hosted by WestConn TM)

April 26 - Communications Workshop Meeting at Socially Speaking Toastmasters
Toastmaster: Anne Swartout
"Selecting Your Topic" by Don
"Know Your Audience" by Pete
"Sample Icebreaker" by Dave W.
"Workshop Session" to help everyone in attendence build a speech - Hosted by Anne S.
[Speechcraft books will be available to purchase if we have guests that want to participate. We should probably have a CTM manual and copies of the IceBreaker Speech available if any guests want to jump right into membership.]

This workshop will give us an opportunity to try out our Public Relations and Marketing ideas on a smaller scale than a Speechcraft. Some of the ideas discussed included:
- Flyers
- Public Relations with the local paper
- article on Socially Speaking? (who will contact?)
- Cable TV listing (what format do we need to submit our listing?)
- Emails (to past guests and former members)
- Web site (to tie it all together)

Let me know if I forgot anything!

Dave W.

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