Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Time For Toastmasters ....

I came across the blog post (see link below) and just had to pass it along ...

Steve Pavlina talks about "how to be an early riser" and, more inportantly, what it has done for him ....

Why get up early? I’d say the main reason is that you’ll have a lot more time to do things that are more interesting than sleeping.

Again, I’ve gained about 10-15 hours per week doing this. That extra time is very noticeable. By 6:30am, I’ve already exercised, showered, had breakfast, and I’m at my desk ready to go to work. I can put in a lot of hours each day of productive work, and I’m usually done with work by 5:00 pm (and that includes personal “work” like email, paying bills, picking up daughter from preschool, etc). This gives me 5-6 hours of discretionary time every evening for family, leisure activities, Toastmasters, reading, journaling, etc. And best of all, I still have energy during this time. Having time for everything that’s important to me makes me feel very balanced, relaxed, and optimistic.

Check out the whole post .... I think it will give you some ideas !

Wide AWAKE !
Dave Wheeler
Area A4 Governor, 2005-6

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