Thursday, January 08, 2009

Humor in Toastmasters

As many of you may know, District 53's LGM, Dave Wheeler, took a stand-up comedy workshop in Feb. 2008 that culminated in a performance at a real, live NYC comedy club on March 1st !

When he was getting prepared for "his 5 min. set", he had his eyes and ears open for ideas and ways to improve his humor ... and he found a few neat articles that might help other Toastmasters who want to "pump up" the humor in their speeches!

Check out ...

How to tell a Joke

Does your meeting have an "Observational Humor Master"? The first link above describes the process that the OHMaster uses along with some suggestions and ideas to help improve your humor.

Do you smell something funny?
... for your next meeting?

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