Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Division B / C Midwinter officer Training

Division B & C joined forces to create a great officer training event on Saturday, Jan.24th in Manchester, CT. Carter Sutherland created some excellent refreshments (very healthy too, I might add) and there was a good number of club officers in attendence. (Initial estimates were over 100 people!)
The District Bookstore was available for anyone looking to pickup Toastmasters materials that would help them reach their goals for the end of the Toastmaster year (June 30, 2009).

Did you know..?
All materials submitted to Toastmasters International must be received by June 30th to count towards this year. This is different from past years when it simply had to be postmarked by June 30th. Toastmasters Intl. is doing this to speed up the year-end process.

Marsha Kiley, LGET, was the person responsible for bringing the Bookstore materials and she had help from a number of fellow Toastmasters who helped run the Bookstore. (She also made sure that everyone was looking for MORE CC's !)

The newest club in District 53, Fuss & O'Neill Toastmasters, from Manchester, CT, had only chartered the week before ... and they still sent 5 club officers to the training ! What a great way to kick off a new club !

There are a bunch of training events coming up... look for ones in your area ! They are loads of FUN !
Are you having FUN?

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