Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Best Gift ever ...

As a Toastmaster, you understand the value of personal development, improved communication and leadership skills along with the boost of confidence that you get from progressing through the Toastmasters program. Wouldn't those things make a good gift?

TM as a gift?
Have you ever considered giving Toastmasters as a Christmas or Chanukah gift? How about as a "Happy New Year's" gift? (Bet you would be remembered for that!) Plus, if someone started in January (which you could write in your gift card), the membership dues would be pro-rated !

Priced right!
Instead of $27 dollars per year, the TI dues for people starting in January would only be $13.50. On top of that is the $20 New Member fee (for C & L manuals) plus any club dues... but for around $33.50 plus club dues someone would gain access to "The Toastmasters Experience" !

Why not give the gift of Toastmasters instead of book or a tie? It is not much more and it could change someone's life !

How can I "wrap it"?
Of course you could think of many creative ways to present a Toastmasters membership as a gift ... but here are some ideas to help. It is probably best to start with a notecard or Christmas card so you can express your thanks to the person and explain a little about Toastmasters. For example,
"Toastmasters is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to developing communication and leadership skills through a supportive, learning environment."

(Yes, that's kind of boring ... I'm sure you can come up with something better.)
The Check:
Next, write out a check to "Toastmasters International" for $33.50 and insert it in your card along with the TI web address ( so they can go online and find a club that is convenient. It would be good to note that the gift may (or may not) include the club dues... and you want to make your recipient aware that some clubs have separate dues to cover their meeting facilities or other requirements.

Act Now!
The recipient should also know that some organizations (Toastmasters especially) won't take checks that are "too old". If a check is 60 or 90 days old (I forget what the exact cutoff is), they will be rejected. This means that the gift needs to be used NOW ! (And as we all know... personal development works best with a little bit of "urgency" behind it!)

As Staples says... That was easy !
Now... doesn't that make you feel good? You are helping someone have a better life ... and with the current economic situation, everyone needs to have good communication (i.e. interviewing) skills and Toastmasters is the perfect place to get them!

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