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Topic: DCP Crunch

From guest blogger,
Mike Finn, Div.E Governor, 2007-08..

The month of June brings with it a flood of educational needs to be met in order to achieve DCP points. Historically, club officers have underestimated the time required to satisfy the educational “needs” for their members who can achieve awards, and at the same time, satisfy points for the clubs’ DCP status.

Here are a few techniques/ shortcuts/procedures that you can use to get those extra DCP points, while at the same time providing an opportunity for your members to excel...

Very popular at the end of the fiscal year! Pick a night, or day; sign-up your members who want/need to give speeches (or Club Success modules – for “Old” CL credit); be prepared to have a worthwhile 1-3 hour meeting where upwards of 10-30 members get credit for speeches. This can be done as a joint effort between clubs – the more, the merrier! All you need is a speaker, an evaluator, and a timer. The speakers can rotate through the other two positions after they’ve spoken (allowing them max time for preparation and soul-searching). Evaluations are done in writing (not orally), and can be informal after the meeting or on break. Great venue for those long AC speeches, too!

“Old” CL:
This award is grandfathered until June 30th only. The award must be submitted hardcopy (snail-mail, or fax) to TI. Every member who has been (or will be by June 30th) a club officer with 6 months under his/her belt, should get this. Requirements: 6 months as club officer (documented, at any time with TI); have received CC, or CTM; gave 2 Club Success modules (name of module and date given). If you have an officer who has not received his/her CL, and has/will have CC, finish the requirements for this award. Every “qualified” person should get this award before it goes away! Here are the forms (page 1... page 2).

DCP Points:
Many clubs struggle to get DCP points (any that they can get). If you have “absolutely” ruled out the possibility of achieving the next DCP category (ie: Distinguished requires 5 points; Select Distinguished requires 7 points; President’s Distinguished requires 9 points), “bag” an educational award until after July 1st – only if the member doesn’t mind. It is a very positive incentive for the incoming club officers knowing that there are several CC’s/CL’s/AC’s waiting to be registered with TI.

No matter how many DCP points you’ve accumulated, none count unless your membership numbers allow you to qualify. You must have 20 or more members, OR, be 5 members over base (see your club DCP report for base number). Base membership is that number that you had on the books at the last renewal period prior to the current fiscal year (for our purposes right now, that’s April 1st, 2007).

A few approaches to getting new members ASAP are:
  1. Open houses: Always applicable! Prospective members are everywhere! Keep it simple, advertise, canvass, talk-it-up!
  2. Prospect letters: Send several letters per week to major employers in your area, offering a program that would be beneficial to their employees. No pressure – just a “steak vs, sizzle” approach! Costs less than $1 per week! One “influencer” could reap many members.
  3. Flyers, business cards, PR pieces in newspapers – keep them current, ongoing, and allow the entire membership to be involved in marketing.
  4. Applications ready - When you get the new prospect for a visit, do the application immediately – for this month. Explain how critical it is for him/her to be a member before the new term starts (jumpstart the “year”, interface from the beginning with new officers, get the “lay of the land” from old officers, etc.).
  5. Final month membership-blitz: Have a contest! Award some “goodies” for most members brought in, and applied.
When all is said and done, chances are that you got some benefit from your “DCP Crunch”. Let every member share in the club’s good fortune. Publicize your efforts, get everyone on the bandwagon, and reap the rewards.


Good Luck!!!!

Mike Finn
Div.E Governor, 2007-8

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