Sunday, December 09, 2007

For your next presentation...

From SixMinutes blog comes a great article on what presenters should do (and not do) to improve their speeches ... based on an actual audience survey.

Top 10 highlights from the survey (conducted by Chris Brogan via Twitter) include...

The results of this analysis are:
19 responses: Be engaging; Involve the audience; Conversation not presentation

14 responses: Do not read the slides

9: Focus on the message; avoid lengthy self-promotion

8: Better(more) visuals/diagrams/stats/other media

8: Show passion; Show enjoyment; Smile; Relax

8: Clear, simple, and useful messages and language

6: Do not use Powerpoint (or “bullets”) at all

6: Do not go over time

6: More time for Q&A / Answer questions thoughtfully

5: Use stories / metaphors

Click here for the whole article !

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