Monday, December 10, 2007

The "baton" (or is it "snowball") is passed...

Baton passed to Spring Conference teamThe Fall 07 Conference team officially (but reluctantly) passes the "baton" to the Spring 08 team.

If we can offer one word of advice... keep smiling!

Leading a conference is alot of fun (alot of work too) but it will go by fast and you will miss it when you are done.

You may have seen some of the videos that we had for the Fall conference and I did not want the Spring Conference team to feel left out so I created the video (see below).

Before you click on the video below, here is the "backstory" to the video...

The Fall 07 conference was over and the weather was getting cold.

With the first snowfall, Bruce Cornwell and Colleen Yarter (Fall Co-chairs) had to find something to fill the 80 hours per week they had put into the conference so they were building the traditional post-conference snowman.

(You will see that Bruce even gave it a red scarf ... he felt it looked like a conference volunteer.)

Conference Emcee & resident EnergyMeister, Croix Sather, stopped by to say that he enjoyed being the Toastmaster for the
conference that he wanted to do it again in the Spring.

[Editor's note: this part, like most of the "backstory" is fiction. I did not ask Croix but it makes for a good story.]

Bruce and Colleen disagreed and told him that he should give someone else a chance for "Stage Time, Stage Time, Stage Time".

Croix went off in a "Hrumpff"....

... now you are ready to click on the link below to see what kind of trouble Croix started (and what trouble he gets into) !

Click here !!!

To the Spring 08 team...Enjoy the process and we wish everyone a happy holiday season !

Dave Wheeler
Div.A Governor, 2006-8
(self-appointed Conference SmileMaster)

P.S. You may ask... Where was Dave during all this tomfoolery??? He is usually right in the middle of it ... well, who do you think was filming it!?!

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