Thursday, August 09, 2007

ALEX has left the building !!!!

Div.A's traveling gavel, named Alex, has been captured by a Toastmaster club ...

in another Division ...

Note: the pictures showing the presentation at Socially Speaking Toastmasters in Brookfield, CT started out nice and friendly...

until it was time for Alex to leave ! (see picture at the bottom)

----- forwarded e-mail ------
From: "Parla, John R"
Date: August 9, 2007

Yesterday, August 8, in a daring (the word of the day is brazen) raid, Club # 9617, CIGNA Lunchtime Toastmasters from Area B2, captured two Traveling Gavels:

(1)Alex from Area A4 at Socially Speaking Club in Brookfield, CT and

(2) Chris from Area C3 at Pfizer Pfearless Club in Groton,CT.

The CIGNA (or Lunchtime) crusaders that performed the raids were:

Steve Gondek, Wayne Botha and John Parla.
Both gavels, Alex and Chris, are now in the possession of CIGNA Lunchtime Toastmasters Club # 9617.

Come and get it.

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at noon.
John R. Parla ACB


RogerB53 said...

Okay, I can identify (left to right) Wayne Botha, Steve Gondek, and John Parla from CIGNA Lunchtime.
But, who are the (somber?) Toastmasters from Socially Speaking Toastmasters in Brookfield, CT?

Dave Wheeler said...


The Socially Speaking Toastmasters in the first two (civilized) pictures (left to right) are club president, Pete Lane, Dianne Smigala and VPE Anne Foster.

In the bottom picture, all the club members who were in attendence are shown...
(l-r) Croix Sather, Pete Lane, Don Lococco, Dianne Smigala (hidden behind Pete & Don) and Anne Foster. (Dave Wheeler, another member of Socially Speaking, took the picture.

It was a great meeting and we really appreciate the visit from Wayne, John and Steve !

Dave Wheeler
Div.A Governor, 2006-8