Tuesday, December 05, 2006

FREE EVENT..Toastmaster World Champions - Monday, Dec. 18

"An Evening With Toastmaster World Champions"
"The Champions' Edge ... Live!"

How much would you pay to be coached by a World Champion Speaker? How much would you pay to be coached by TWO?

If you want to improve in any skill, it pays to seek the advice of others who have already "been there; done that." The fact is, if you want to improve your skills you need a coach -- someone to teach you to think, act, and perform at a higher level. Even Tiger Woods has a coach.

On Monday, December 18th (7:00 pm til 9:30 pm) , you'll get a chance to experience the magic of coaching from two World Champions of Public Speaking. Our Toastmaster Champions David Brooks (1990) and Darren LaCroix (2001) invite you to a special free program at The Hartford, Tower Bldg, T22, 690 Asylum Ave, Hartford, CT.

Dave and Darren have taught, coached, and mentored thousands of business communicators around the world. Here's your chance to be coached by two of the best in the

After a short opening presentation from Darren and Dave, volunteers from the audience will be given a rare opportunity to deliver a short presentation, and then receive instant feedback
from the champs. If you're one of the volunteer speakers, you'll experience the kind of coaching Darren and Dave give finalists in the World Championships.

And even if you aren't a volunteer speaker that evening, you'll learn just as much by watching how we coach. In short, whether you're sitting or standing, as long as you're there, you'll learn!

To read and know more about Dave and Darren, please visit their websites: http://www.davidbrookstexas.com/ and http://www.humor411.com/

Listen (with your audio speakers on) to Darren's personal invitation, an audio postcard ... click

Reservations are required by Monday, 12-18-06, 11:00am. We're sorry, but due to space limitations and security requirements, walk-ups (or walk-ins) can not be admitted.
Call 860-547-6337, or email Area B4 Gov, Judith Chambers

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