Thursday, November 30, 2006

Spring Contest Scheduling

The spring contest season is on the horizon ....

And before we all get too busy with holiday shopping and parties, it might be a good idea to put our Area and Division Contests on the schedule for 2007. This will also help the clubs in your area plan their club contests.

The deadlines are:
Club contests by March 17th, 2007
Area contests by April 7th, 2007
Division contest by April 28th, 2007
District Contest ON May 19th, 2007 at the Sheraton Hotel in E.Hartford, CT.

I can probably get a location for the Division A contest in the Danbury, CT area, but if there is someone who would like to host it somewhere on the NY state side of Div.A (and have the "home court advantage"), I would be happy to work with them to make it happen. We just need to get it on the schedule SOON.

Please let Dave Wheeler, Division A Governor, know when you have a date for your contests and he will post it on our Division blog at

Best wishes for a great holiday season !

Dave Wheeler
Division A Governor, 2006-7

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