Thursday, May 18, 2006

OPEN CALL for ....

There are at least three ways that you can become more involved in this blog ....

1) By adding your thoughts or ideas related to the posts in the comments section, or

2) Sending us your idea to It can be a link to an article or photo or anything (Toastmasters-appropriate, of course) that you would like to share with your fellow toastmasters. Depending on what we receive, we may post all of your email or edit it slightly if needed. Please indicate whether or not you want us to include your name and email address on the post entry.

3) Send us a link to your Toastmasters-related websites or presentations or other resources that you think could benefit other Toastmasters.

There are probably more ways that you could participate and I hope to hear them !

Speak UP!

Dave Wheeler

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