Monday, October 06, 2014

For Toastmasters Only... A chance to improve your written communication and more

Greetings fellow Writers / Toastmasters !

Dave Wheeler, Speaker, Writer, Internet Marketer
Do you want to improve your written communication skills?  How about driving more traffic to your own blog or website?

I have an offer for you ...

I should tell you up front that I got this idea from Bill Corbett and the Hartford Springfield Speaker's Network when they started a blog for their group.  He gave one day per month to a member of their group and that person would write one blog article that would be published on "their day" every month.

It is a great way to increase traffic to each author's website (via a link in their article) but it also generates loads of excellent content (delivered on a consistent basis) for the HSSN blog too.  It is clearly a "win-win" and that is where you come in.

How would you like to write an article per month and plug it into this already established blog with over 550 entries and a certain amount of existing traffic?

How to get better?

One of the things that I found with alot of "group blogs" is that the authors are rarely given feedback in terms of ways to improve the readability or content value for their articles.  As Toastmasters, you know the value of feedback and how critical it is to improving your skills in any area, especially communications.

As editor for the blog, my goal will be to 1) improve readability, 2) Create the best headlines possible so that readers are drawn to your article and 3) eventually get to the point where all participating authors are producing highly readable content with strong headlines so I can simply push "publish".

Are you interested?

If so, please send me your first article via email at dave [at] gps-SpeakerMarketing [dot] com.  It should be between 300-500 words (if you have more, just figure out a way to break it into a series).  We will also have a page on the blog "About The Authors" so you can start thinking about some sort of bio for that page (around 100 words).


Ideally the articles will focus on topics that are of interest to your fellow Toastmasters.  Of course you should bring in any expertise that you have and a small plug for your services (if you have a business related to the article) is perfectly fine.

As editor, I reserve the right to change or even reject content that I feel is not in the best interests of this blog.  I don't expect it to be a problem, but if a writer consistently misses deadlines or is not adding value to the blog, I reserve the right to end their participation.  Like I said, I don't expect that to be a problem but I wanted to get it out there just in case.

So, are you in?

Send an email to me and let's get started !  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Dave Wheeler, DTM
D53 Governor 2010-11

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