Friday, February 22, 2013

Care for your Voice

Guide to Voice Care for Speakers and other Vocalists
As a speaker, it is important to take care of your voice.

Without your voice, it is pretty hard to give a good speech which is why this free guide caught my eye...

Vocalist's Guide to Recording, Rehearsing and Performing: Care and Maintenance for Singers in every Genre

Don't get fooled by the "Vocalist" in the title though.  Every speaker is a vocalist (although we don't always remember that until something goes wrong with our voice).

Don't wait until something goes wrong !  Learn how to take care of your voice NOW !

About the Source:
This guide is offered for free by when you sign up with your contact info.  I have used for production of a DVD for one of my speaker clients and she was very happy with the results.  They also have very reasonable prices for low volume orders so you can start small and buy more as  your DVD or CD becomes a hit.

Once you check out the Vocalist's Guide please be sure to leave a comment here !

We would love to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions for speakers that would improve or maintain your voice.

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