Monday, March 09, 2009

Slack Time... Toastmasters Time !

Seth Godin (one of my favorite bloggers) wrote an excellent post that finds a silver lining in the current economic situation...

A lot of corporations have seen dramatic decreases in revenue and have cut back projects as well. In many cases, this is accompanied by layoffs, and so everyone is working far harder.

But in other organizations, and for a lot of freelancers, there's more time than work. In other words, slack time.

Assume for a moment you don't have money to develop and launch something new. So, what are you going to do with the slack?

What can you build over the next year that will take time now and pay off later?
If you were laid off, you definitely will have some slack time. You can only look for work so many hours in a day... there will have to be some extra, if only in the time you would not have been commuting.

Seth suggestions two things...

1. Learn something. Become an expert.
2. Earn a following and reputation.

To these two things, I would add ... join Toastmasters !

Seth, as a speaker, you should know that 3 is the magic number ... and Toastmasters is where speakers practice their magic!

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