Saturday, November 01, 2008

Psychological of Selling (when writing)

A great article from (click here to read the whole article) ...

People are highly complex and often mysterious, so we all struggle to understand our fellow humans. However, now that you’ve gotten over being afraid to sell, here are a few basic psychological tidbits that can help you write compelling

Key points from the article ...
  • People make decisions emotionally.
  • People justify decisions with facts.
  • People are egocentric.
  • People look for value.
  • People think in terms of people.
  • You can’t force people to do anything.
  • People love to buy.
  • People are naturally suspicious.
  • People are always looking for something.
  • People buy “direct” because of convenience and exclusivity.
  • People like to see it, hear it, touch it, taste it, or smell it before they buy it.
  • Most people follow the crowd.
If you are signed up for the Sales Communications Skills workshop on Nov.4th, the full article (which explains all the points above) is "required reading" !

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