Friday, May 16, 2008

Division A .... Year in Review

The Spring '08 Conference is just around the corner (literally... it's tomorrow!)... and our District Governor, Will Ryan, has asked each of the Division Governors to summarize / evaluate the past year within their Division.

We will only be given a very short amount of time (3 minutes or less) at the Business Meeting for this so I want to make sure I capture all the highlights that were important to everyone in Division A !

Here is what I have so far...

Division A Year-In-Review

Started the year with up a full slate of Area Governors (thanks to Will Ryan) along Dave Wheeler for a second term as Division A Governor.

  • Mike Ruppert, Area A1 Governor
  • Dan Legg, Area A2 Governor
  • Ozgur Turkmen, Area A3 Governor
  • Pat Wilson-Perkins, Area A4 Governor
  • Janice Parker, Area A5 Governor

Hosted one of the four Toastmaster Leadership Institute (TLI) educational sessions at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY.

We will be hosting a TLI session again this year at Marist on July 19th, 2008... be sure to put it on your calendar!

Dave Wheeler created a graphical Toastmasters calendar to make it easier to see "The Big Picture" for 2007-2008 !

Division A hosted the Fall '07 Conference
(and Set a New Standard) at the Holiday Inn, Fishkill, NY !

  • We promoted the conference with Origami Flyers (in the shape of a fish) as well as(humorous?) JibJab online videos.

  • Croix Sather, "Mr.Energy", served as Full-Day Emcee !

  • Colleen Yarter, Area A1 Gov., was named Outstanding Area Gov. '06-07

  • Dave Wheeler, Div. A Gov., named
    Outstanding Div.Gov. , '06-07

Division A conducted 2 Winter Officer Training ("Leadership Exchange") sessions with new "Case Study" format.

Division A's own Nara Venditti was profiled in Toastmasters magazine!

Division A Governor, Dave Wheeler, was featured in an article in the New Fairfield Citizen as well as the Danbury News-Times after receiving his DTM and other awards.

Walter Beveridge, Andre White and Dave Wheeler each receive the District Governor's Award which Will Ryan awarded monthly through out the year.

Dave Wheeler worked with Marsha Kiley and new PRO Angela Lussier to put together a District-wide Marketing Campaign focused on Human Resource Professionals and centered around "HR Day", April 9th. Marketing materials included a "HR-specific" web page, a "pass-along" email to all District 53 members and press releases announcing HR Day.

Div.A Advanced Toastmasters Club hosted the
2nd Annual Battle of the Border between Div.A & D (District 53) and Div.G (District 46).

We took 1st and 3rd place to win for the second year in a row ... in case you were wondering. (Although the important thing is that everyone who participated got some valuable experience and feedback to help them at their District competition.)

A new club will be added to Division A at SUNY-NewPaltz,
... the "Toast of Paltz" club has submitted their paperwork and should have their charter before the end of this TM year!

We have signed up a full slate of Area Governors for the coming year along with a nominee for Division A Governor, (thanks to Karin von Kaenel).

Projected results for the year...
Area A1 - President's Distinguished
Area A2 - Distinguished
Area A3 - Distinguished
Area A4 - Select Distinguished
Area A5 - almost there...
Division A - President's Distinguished

What did we miss?

Please leave a comment below with your suggestions or feedback on the year in Division A ! Or just let us know what you thought about the past year!

Dave Wheeler
Division A Governor, 2006-8
Candidate for District 53 LGM, 2008-9

P.S. We also kept this blog going all year ... hope you enjoyed it!

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