Sunday, November 25, 2007

Throw Away the Crutch Words .... has provided another great article for Toastmasters....

Tips in the article include...

  • Don't fear the silence

  • Practice, practice, practice!

  • Breathe In, Not Out

  • Avoid them in Conversation

  • Get a Counter

  • Comma = 1 pause

  • Period = 2 pauses

  • Double Underline key words and phrases

  • If Your Lost, Don`t Panic!

  • Enthusiasm Cuts Crunch

  • Plan Tricky Parts

  • Quality over Quantity

I especially liked their BONUS TIP...
Bonus Tip - Join Toastmasters
I strongly suggest joining Toastmasters to anyone wanting to improve their speaking and get rid of nasty crutch words. I was able to go from a fountain of um`s and ah`s to near elimination with just a few months of weekly meetings. Toastmasters can also do more than just cut crutch words. They can also work with you on the finer points of presenting, such as gestures, tone of voice, body language and content. By working on these points you can master your craft and have the confidence to speak in front of any audience.

The author of this article, Scott Young is a university student who writes about productivity, habits and self-improvement.

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