Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Toastmaster idea for your consideration & feedback...

Greetings fellow Toastmasters,

I was thinking about what to give my niece in Wisconsin as a high school graduation present recently. I wanted the gift to be something that would give her a real added advantage for the rest of her life ...

I decided that I will give her a check for an amount [at least] equal to a Toastmaster membership ... with the option to triple the amount if she completes her CC before she enters college.

If she takes the "summer challenge", it will put her far ahead of the rest of the freshmen entering college and, I suspect, it will improve her ability to make friends and improve her overall college experience. It will also show that she is the type of person who can tackle challenges and learn new skills. To me, that is a great advantage for a young person to have !

Now.. this is where I need your thoughts. The graduation idea got me thinking ... why can't we do something similar (or slightly different) for our local Toastmasters clubs or areas?

What if we had a "Toastmaster Scholarship" for a graduating (18 y.o.) senior where we would pay their Toastmaster dues (initiation fee and dues) and, if they agreed to complete their CC manual, we gave them the same amount (or more?) in cash at the end of the summer? Assuming my memory is correct, that would cost us $ 20 (new member fee) plus $ 18 (dues) if it was awarded in June and an additional $40 (rounding up) if we gave the fee back to the winner in August. Total Cost: $80.

What do you think?

What would we need to do to test it out?

You can post your comments below for us all to see.

Hope to hear from you soon !

Dave Wheeler
Division A Governor, 2006-7

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